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Flexin Rods

My New PB

October 10th, 2016

Bass fishing is a newer passion to me, its a release from reality and a break from the stresses of everyday life. It is something that I have started taking serious for about a year now, I try and get a line wet at least once a week. In this Blog Im going to tell you about catching my new personal best last weekend at my local watering hole.

As usual I wake up before my alarm set for 5am goes off. Im excited to get out to my honey hole and drop a line. There’s no better time than early mornings with no one on the road, the sun has yet to peek, and its just myself a rod and the steam coming off the green glass like water. Ive been fishing this same spot heavily over the past few months. Just two weeks ago I caught my then personal best bass, a 3.95 Lb football shaped fish. I caught that fish on a Texas rigged Senko, it was a difficult fish to land, I was tucked under some brush and standing on tree roots right on top of the water. I could see the fish hanging out under some fallen tree limbs. I pitched my Senko about a foot away from her and she seemed interested. She went it for the bait but it was a short strike and she didn’t inhale the hook i waited while it hung out of her mouth and when i thought i had her i jerked violently towards my 3 o’clock, nothing… no fish, i was pissed i thought for sure she was gone, my buddy with me told me to cast back out she still there and she wants that Senko. I pitched the bait again in the same spot, i could see her closing in, her belly flashed as she grabbed the bait. I saw her take the bait so i waited a few seconds to make sure she choked it, and again i set the hook hard this time with her on the other end. I battled with her for a couple minutes but didn’t take long to land her considering she was less than 10 feet away. I was so stoked to land this fish my adrenaline was pumping and my hands were shaking. After a weight and a few pictures i released her in hopes to some day battle her again.

Fast forward to last weekend i didn’t know what to expect for the day so i was going to try some new rigs and baits and see how i do. I decided to go with a Drop Shot rig, a small 2 ought hook and a 10 inch leader with a cylinder weight on the end. Ive never used a drop rig before and didn’t really know what to expect. I nose hooked a Green and Chartreuse Robo Worm and casted in front of me about 5 feet and let bait sit with no slack in the line. The bait sat for about 2 minuets then BAM! I was rod Flexin! I set the hook and started to reel in, in the moment i didn’t realize¬†how big the fish was until i saw my drag was set to loose and the fish was putting distance between her and I. I tighten my drag and reeled in fast when i saw the side of the fish i could tell she was big. From my position I couldn’t reach a net i had no choice but to flip her up and on the bank. As soon as i get her on land my buddy comes walking in and says ” holy shit, Im right on time.” I grab the fish by the mouth pull the hook out and get a weight on her. Weighing in at 4.25Lbs i was pumped. i couldn’t believe how chunky she was i was so excited hands shaking, honestly didn’t really know what to do with her after the picture and weight. I released her back in the water her huge tailed splashed water everywhere as she swam away.

My new PB came on a rig that I’ve never used before, but i guarantee you this the drop shot rig will always be rigged on my rod here on out.

Thanks for reading



Flexin Rods

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